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The Mountain Men's Save The Elephant, Black Adjustable

The Mountain Men's Save The Elephant, Black Adjustable

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  • 100% High-Quality Polyester
  • Plastic Snap Closure
  • Mesh Back
  • Structured Foam Front
  • Pre-Curved Visor

The African bush elephant has no natural predators. Why, then are they categorized as a high-risk endangered animal? The answer is two-fold. This vulnerable species is poached for their unique ivory tusks, for their meat, and for sport. Their wild homes have been remodeled to better suit the needs of the rising human population. Help support the conservation efforts! Spread the message with the Stop Extinction Trucker Hat. Show the world you care with #IPROTECT and be a part of the movement. Together, we can make a difference!

The Mountain has meticulously researched and sourced an excellent overseas manufacturer for our exclusive hats. These trucker caps are produced using sustainable environmental and social practices and are of the highest quality. Assembled from 100% polyester and featuring a plastic snap closure, these five-panel hats are a pro style mesh back product, sport a pre-curved visor, a structured foam front, and a fully sublimated poly twill front panel.