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The Elf on the Shelf Plushee Pal: Girl, Dark-Tone

The Elf on the Shelf Plushee Pal: Girl, Dark-Tone

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The 17-inch Plushee Pals® are toy versions of their real North Pole Scout Elf counterparts. Unbelievably soft to the touch, these elves are meant to be held at Christmas and all year long.

Each Scout Elf is made of the softest material Santa's toy makers could find - perfect for your child's loving arms. 

I'm not The Elf on the Shelf® that you know. 
I do not fly through the ice and the snow.  
My job is simply to stay here and play.  
You can touch me and squeeze me and love me all day. 

  • The elf you can cuddle with! 
  • The perfect new plush for your child to snuggle up with while the other elf is off giving his report
  • Recommended for all ages. 
  • Before use, cut stitch holding hands together. 
  • Size: 17"