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Suddenly Drunk: Gross Expansion

Suddenly Drunk: Gross Expansion

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Gross, an expansion for the original Suddenly Drunk, brings a whole new set of rules and games that make the game gross and largely unplayable to any reasonable person. Be careful not to play this without the base set or you will probably won't be able to finish the game out of pure shame.

Integrating the original Suddenly Drunk with the game of your choice is simple: Before every turn, each player first pulls a card from the Suddenly Drunk deck and follows its instructions. The deck consists of Instant cards and Anytime cards. Instant cards may require players to speak with a foreign accent for the rest of the game, act out their own death scene, explain what their favorite movie is (and why it's Space Jam) – and take a drink as a penalty whenever they fail to do so.

Anytime cards are generally handy for self-defense; the Deflection card, for instance, lets players choose a new target for any action played against them.

Mix and match cards from the expansions with the base game to create custom decks for different crowds!

  • Adds new new games and penalties to your games of suddenly drunk: not too gross, but you should definitely be drunk first
  • Construct your own perfect drinking game by adding or removing cards
  • Contains ridiculously explicit material
  • Contains 54 cards
  • 3 to 6 players, ages 21+