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Preschool Scholar Workbook
Preschool Scholar Workbook
Preschool Scholar Workbook
Preschool Scholar Workbook
Preschool Scholar Workbook

Preschool Scholar Workbook

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Help your preschooler get ready for a great start. Follow the lovable Lulu on a trip through the Grand Zoo. An iguana, quetzal, unicorn, and other critter friends make reading and writing ABCs so much fun! Kids will enjoy learning the names of the animals that start with the letters of the alphabet. They will also practice tracing letters and numbers, learning shapes and colors, identifying same and different, matching, sequencing, and following directions. Lulu's jokes and fun facts add smiles and learning opportunities. Examples include "What kind of cat lives in the ocean?" and "Butterflies have transparent wings and taste with their feet." Find a lively selection of reading readiness, early math, and beginning science activities in our zoo-tastic Preschool Scholar; the skill focus is listed at the bottom of every page for easy reference. Bold, colorful illustrations help little learners stay focused and motivated, and when they are all done, they can fill out the completion reward certificate and display it with pride! A Parent Guide inside the front cover offers helpful tips for maximizing, the learning and Activities to Share inside the back cover suggest fun, easy, creative activities that get kids stretching their senses and critical thinking skills. This workbook is an excellent size for tucking into a tote or backpack and turning road trips and wait times into learning opportunities.

  • 64 brightly illustrated pages of activities
  • Award Certificate for a Job Well Done
  • Hours of playful learning fun!
  • Recommended for ages 3-5
  • Size: 7.75" x 10.875" x 0.1875"

reading readiness
beginning sounds
early math
numerical order
positional words
cause and effect
matching actions
rhyming words
visual discrimination
following directions
eye-hand coordination