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PlayMonster The Game of Things
PlayMonster The Game of Things

PlayMonster The Game of Things

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In this hilarious party game, read a funny topic such as "THINGS. . . you shouldn't do when you're naked." Players write their responses which could be "fly a kite", "jumping jacks" or "take out the garbage". There are no wrong answers. The goal of The Game of THINGS. . . is to guess who provided which response. The player who scores the most points wins.

Wood Box Is Great for Gifting and Display

The Game of THINGS. . . comes with 300 topic cards, response pad, score pad, 8 pencils, and instructions. It's a laugh-out-loud game for 4 or more players, ages 14 and up. The game comes packaged in a wood box making it an ideal gift. The wood box also offers great storage and display at home.

  • Games and toys that the whole family can enjoy
  • To start, you just pick a card, read it aloud and ask others to respond with any answer that comes to mind
  • Humor in a box
  • Read the hilarious topics and write down your answers, then try and guess who said what
  • Includes 300 Topic Cards, Response Pad, Score Pad, 8 Pencils, Instructions--all in a wood box
  • For 4 or more players ages 14 to adult