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Math Basics Grade 2 Workbook
Math Basics Grade 2 Workbook
Math Basics Grade 2 Workbook
Math Basics Grade 2 Workbook
Math Basics Grade 2 Workbook

Math Basics Grade 2 Workbook

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Playful animal friends make math adventures more fun. Creative activities that teach and reinforce early math skills, plus, colorful illustrations and an Award Certificate for completion help keep children motivated. The Math Basics 2 Deluxe Edition workbook is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, a comprehensive and progressive set of learning objectives created to help students succeed in math. At the bottom of each workbook page is a cross-reference to the Common Core grade level and "domain" or skill area that the activity practices. The workbook is also consistent with Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, a publication by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and it is compatible with Singapore math pedagogy. The lessons are planned in learning sequence; skills introduced in one lesson build on those taught in previous lessons. It's a perfect way to introduce, review, and maintain essential math skills.

  • 59 pages of math activities with color illustrations throughout. 
  • Tear-out pages for easy, individual worksheets
  • Award Certificate for a job well-done
  • Recommended for ages 7-8
  • Size: 7.75" x 10.875" 

sums and differences
fact families
place value
adding arrays
word problems
even and odd
using a number line
counting by twos, fives, and tens
adding arrays
telling time
counting money
using a picture graph
using a bar graph
equal parts
shapes and angles
beginning fractions
hundreds, tens and ones
expanded form and number names
partial sum addition