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Horse Puzzles (Highlights™ Hidden Pictures®)
Horse Puzzles (Highlights™ Hidden Pictures®)

Horse Puzzles (Highlights™ Hidden Pictures®)

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Nobody knows kids' puzzling like Highlights! Hidden Pictures puzzles, entertaining kids for more than 70 years, are more than just seek-and-find activities. They're innovative, expertly crafted, and full of the humor and challenge kids love. 

Promotes attention to detail and increases vocabulary

  • As kids gain experience in looking for hidden objects, they become better at focusing on the details of other visual challenges.
  • Reading the picture clues helps children become visually familiar with the names of many objects.

Instills good work habits

  • Because Hidden Pictures puzzles are so absorbing, children spend more time on the activity, thus increasing their concentration, persistence, and determination.
  • Using the picture clues encourages independence while solving puzzles.

Develops self-confidence

  • Age is not a determiner of success in completing a Hidden Pictures puzzle.
  • A young child can often spot something that an adult or an older child misses—even in challenging puzzles. Imagine what that does for a child's confidence!

Family-friendly and time-tested!

  • The first Hidden Pictures puzzle was published in 1946, in the very first issue of Highlights magazine and has appeared in every issue since.
  • The top three hidden objects of all time: pencil, toothbrush, banana.
  • The number of toothbrushes hidden in the puzzles since 1946: 2,417!